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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2019-01-20Robert KempNot Logged TP0972Bailey Hill
  Not Logged TP2703Cwm Gilla
2019-01-19mikeandjennyNot Logged TP1513Bocking
2019-01-19TriggerGood condition TP21597St Marys Church Tower
  Couldn't find it TP21585Granby Cinema
  Couldn't find it TP21428Earley Church Tower
2019-01-19jonglewSlightly damaged TP2337Cold Fell Pike
2019-01-19KTGood condition TP5448Pilot
  Slightly damaged TP0302Inkpen
  Destroyed TP10055Inkpen
  Slightly damaged TP1488Blandys Hill
2019-01-19ThirdlightGood condition TP5280Pale Ash
2019-01-19VegangodzillaToppled TP1824Bwlch Carn-Y-Gelli
2019-01-17VegangodzillaNot Logged TP5318Parsonage Farm
2019-01-19Wayne Mac 01Couldn't find it TP8362Heughscar Hill
2018-12-28Thomas David WhitakerNot Logged TP5853Scout Hill
2019-01-07martyandlisaGood condition TP7117Nether Hall
2019-01-10martyandlisaGood condition TP5672Richborough Hill
2019-01-18Nick&RosieDamaged TP5554Quarry Hill
2019-01-19caroljeGood condition TP7365Newcastle University

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