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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2018-05-23TrighappytreenNot Logged TP5181Northern Common
2018-05-23RamblingpaulGood condition TP4565Lower Farm Throckmorton
2018-05-23jonglewSlightly damaged TP4219King Harrys Common
  Good condition TP5832Scales Moor
  Good condition TP4694Maughonby Farm
  Good condition TP4130Jardens
2018-05-23Derrick ParsonsGood condition TP3256Fox Tor
2018-05-18blackboot29Not Logged TP5245Oslears Lane
2018-05-23TonyhtGood condition TP4885Monk Bretton
  Good condition TP7064Woolley Edge
2018-05-23dugswell2Good condition TP9035Hawes Church Tower Pinnacle
2018-05-23DumfriesmikeNot Logged TP20722No 254 Wells Road
  Not Logged TP20689Tin Bridge
  Not Logged TP10880Gilda Parade Shops
  Good condition TP9471Tor Hill Church Tower Centre
  Good condition TP9459Wells Cathedral NW Tower Centre
  Good condition TP9454Glastonbury Church Tower Centre
  Not Logged TP7939Tor Hill Topograph
  Not Logged TP6528Tor Hill
2018-05-23skifansGood condition TP6689View Field

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