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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2018-06-22odds.a@btinternet.comGood condition TP6187Stob Coire A' Chearcaill
2018-12-15odds.a@btinternet.comGood condition TP1851Cairn Mon Earn
2018-12-16MrMinecraftGood condition TP4337Lands End
2018-12-16F12005Good condition TP4337Lands End
2018-12-16Robert KempNot Logged TP5032Mynydd Pen Carreg
2018-12-15MalcolmmGood condition TP10739Lythe Church Spire
  Good condition TP0129Potato Hill
2018-12-16Robert KempNot Logged TP5352Pen Coed Foel
  Not Logged TP5352Pen Coed Foel
  Not Logged TP4496Llywelau
2003-03-30amblerbobGood condition TP3980Holme Moss
  Good condition TP7322Hey Edge
2018-12-15WildfellNot Logged TP1503Blorenge
2002-08-18amblerbobGood condition TP3179Firth Fell
2018-12-16Robert KempNot Logged TP1468Blaen Gofuarth
  Not Logged TP4488Llethr-Llwyd
2018-12-16TrigJSGood condition TP24790Lowfield Heath Church Spire
2018-12-16kieranm105Not Logged TP4930Moss Moor
2018-12-13descarte1Destroyed TP1565Bradwell Common
  Good condition TP0855Annesley Road

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