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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2020-05-24greenbellGood condition TP13598Casino Flagstaff
2020-06-06cathy trickettToppled TP3676Haw Cliff Top
2020-06-06fergieGood condition TP0777Achafour
2020-06-06cathy trickettNot Logged TP3676Haw Cliff Top
2018-01-14Ronaldo333Not Logged TP3054Elslack Moor
2020-03-01Ronaldo333Not Logged TP2992East Mount
2020-06-06cathy trickettToppled TP3676Haw Cliff Top
2014-05-24Ronaldo333Not Logged TP2965East Baugh Fell
2020-06-06ScouserGood condition TP4580Luddington Hill
  Slightly damaged TP7056Woodside
  Good condition TP1883Calveley
2020-06-05COVID Trig Point ChallengeGood condition TP2004Carrington Moss
2020-06-06GeordieNot Logged TP5437Pigdon
2020-06-06COVID Trig Point ChallengeGood condition TP4309Knox Hill
2020-06-06GeordieNot Logged TP3708Hebron Hill
2020-06-06cathy trickettGood condition TP5496Pool Hill
  Good condition TP1074Barugh
2020-06-06Ronaldo333Not Logged TP6924Whitwell Moor
2020-06-06KeeWaGood condition TP22713Keysoe Church Spire
  Good condition TP22492Newton Bromshold Church Spire

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