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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2019-05-22mitsimanNot Logged TP14492West Haddon Church Tower Flagstaff
2003-10-16Nick&RosieGood condition TP1287Ben More
2019-05-22BarryHortonGood condition TP2810Doon Hill
2019-05-22iangGood condition TP2184Cissbury Ring
2003-03-13Nick&RosieGood condition TP4944Mount Keen
2019-05-22jedthehumanoidGood condition TP3185Five Barrows
  Good condition TP1627Brighstone Down
2019-05-22TrigJSCouldn't find it TP23720Wymers Wood
  Inaccessible TP23708Cliveden Estate Water Tower
  Good condition TP23690Cookham Church Tower
  Couldn't find it TP23634Fern
  Good condition TP4092Huttons Farm
  Good condition TP3127Fawley
2019-05-22widgetGood condition TP1348Bewley Down
  Good condition TP6042Snowdon Hill
2019-05-22TrigJSDestroyed TP5082Nettlebed
2019-05-22widgetSlightly damaged TP4397Leigh Farm
2019-05-22TrigJSDestroyed TP21560Kingswood Common Water Tank
2019-05-22widgetGood condition TP6135St Rayn Hill
  Good condition TP3119Farm Six

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