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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2018-03-19Ant1974Possibly missing TP18911Bevercotes Colly
  Unknown TP18910Carburton
  Possibly missing TP18889Todwick
  Possibly missing TP18881Low Laith Farm
  Possibly missing TP18872Baugy Hill
  Unknown TP18843Spittalmoor
  Destroyed TP18842Penny Green Siding
  Destroyed TP18656The Moorlands
  Possibly missing TP18653Springvale Farm
  Possibly missing TP18642Flash Lane Field
  Destroyed TP18641Dalton Common
  Destroyed TP18640Conisbrough Grange
  Destroyed TP18598Royds Moor Farm
  Destroyed TP18597Hopper
  Destroyed TP18582Mexborough Trinity Methodist Church Spire
  Destroyed TP17627Conisbrough Road
  Possibly missing TP17626South Woodfield Farm
  Destroyed TP17621Butterbusk
  Unknown TP17620Snake Lane
  Destroyed TP17603Rose Hill

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