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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2017-09-26Clanfield RamblerGood condition TP2784Dinas Island
2017-09-26russie and sidekickNot Logged TP19269Bryn-Bach
2009-09-20ADTNot Logged TP6761Warton Crag
1991-05-25ADTNot Logged TP5855Scridles
2017-09-25BiffinNot Logged TP3980Holme Moss
2017-09-25Portia142Not Logged TP2785Dinedor Hill
  Not Logged TP1907Capler Camp
2010-05-04asbownDestroyed TP7488Kirkby Stephen (1912)
2017-09-25Colin WoodGood condition TP2919Dungeon Hill
2017-09-24monkeydestructorGood condition TP3861Hill Of Alyth
2017-09-24dugswell2Good condition TP11363St Peters Church Spire Rock Ferry
  Good condition TP9252Wallasey Town Hall Dome
  Good condition TP9253Birkenhead Town Hall Dome
  Inaccessible TP11362Liverpool Cathedral
  Good condition TP10344Seacombe Church Spire
  Good condition TP13508St Johns Tower
  Inaccessible TP11361Royal Liver
2017-09-25asbownPossibly missing TP8552Sinfin Moor Railway Bridge
  Destroyed TP18552Mickleover Water Tower
2017-09-25Aqueously90Good condition TP8308Kings Law

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