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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2019-10-20WindywalkerGood condition TP0430Frog Firle
  Inaccessible TP0552Alfriston
2019-10-20David BremnerGood condition TP2854Drumashie
  Good condition TP2632Crowhall
2019-10-20WindywalkerGood condition TP6370The Comp
2019-10-20beckroadGood condition TP2806Dolphinston
  Good condition TP6833Wester Ulston
2019-10-18Border PeatGood condition TP13067Rosemarkie TV Mast
2019-10-20beckroadGood condition TP5264Overwells
2019-10-20painterman61Remains TP13399Stalybridge Church Tower Flagstaff
  Good condition TP13886Rhyl Church Spire
  Good condition TP8197East Sea Wall
2019-10-17RichofsebastGood condition TP3695Hazler Hill
2019-10-20peebsGood condition TP0753Acre
2019-10-20painterman61Good condition TP7581Rhuddlan Marsh Embankment
2019-10-20Border PeatGood condition TP2671Culbin
2019-10-20Thomas David WhitakerNot Logged TP1623Bridestones Moor
2019-10-20Border PeatGood condition TP15395Darnaway Castle Flagstaff
2019-10-20painterman61Destroyed TP4859Moel Maen-Efa
2019-10-20beckroadGood condition TP4043Howden

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