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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2020-08-10JackSNot Logged TP3078Eston Beacon
2020-08-09RamblingpaulSlightly damaged TP2866Drygarn
  Good condition TP3413Gorllwyn
2020-08-09HeidiSlightly damaged TP6868Whins Brow
2020-08-09COVID Trig Point ChallengeSlightly damaged TP6472Thurlby
2020-08-09SkypaddlerSlightly damaged TP6472Thurlby
2020-08-09BasilDowlGood condition TP3584Hambleton Down
2020-08-09COVID Trig Point ChallengeGood condition TP2754Deeping Fen
2020-08-09SkypaddlerGood condition TP2754Deeping Fen
2020-08-09jedmacUnreachable but visible TP3641Harrocks Hall Resr
2020-08-09NJMSlightly damaged TP5441Pike Rigg
2020-08-09robinhoodGood condition TP4417Limlow Hill
2020-08-09painterman61Good condition TP4208Kilnsey Moor
2020-08-09Leyland1980Good condition TP4989Musden Low
2020-08-08robinhoodSlightly damaged TP6268Sutton
  Good condition TP2642Croydon Hill
2020-08-09marc1701Good condition TP4652Margery
2020-08-08robinhoodGood condition TP3667Hatley Wilds
  Good condition TP0389Orwell
  Good condition TP4886Monk Field

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