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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2020-03-29Axe EdgeGood condition TP0942Axe Edge
2020-03-29Lannie&AndyGood condition TP4223Kings Seat
2020-03-29SkerryvoreGood condition TP7034Woodbank Farm
2020-03-29ScouserGood condition TP1636Brimstage
2019-07-01ChristopherjGood condition TP3588Hameldown Tor
2020-03-13vegibaggerGood condition TP5081Nettle Hill
2017-06-09The reluctant triggerToppled TP1661Brockley
  Good condition TP1379Birdbrook
2020-03-12vegibaggerSlightly damaged TP6990Windy Hill
2017-06-09The reluctant triggerGood condition TP22905Cornish Hall End Church Spire
  Good condition TP3467Great Sampford
  Good condition TP4666Markswood
  Damaged TP1021Bardfield End
2020-03-11vegibaggerGood condition TP1493Blea Moor
2017-06-09The reluctant triggerGood condition TP22909Thaxted Church Spire
  Good condition TP6041Snow Hill
  Good condition TP5088New Barns
  Inaccessible TP8817Dunmow Water Tower
  Destroyed TP2925Dunmow
2020-03-11vegibaggerSlightly damaged TP4556Low Green Field Lings

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