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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2017-11-23seanmacGood condition TP0453Beachy Head
2012-04-24tomDestroyed TP12133Coate Farm
2016-05-17tomGood condition TP9613Abberley Clock Tower
2017-11-24sebGood condition TP4495Llysfaen Resr
  Not Logged TP4495Llysfaen Resr
2017-11-24Ken AdamsGood condition TP3082Everdon
2017-11-24Wayne Mac 01Good condition TP0825Alma Field
2017-11-20Ken AdamsGood condition TP2134Cheesefoot Head
2017-11-24Ken AdamsGood condition TP6464Thorpe Lodge Farm
  Good condition TP2624Crouch Hill
2017-11-24Nick&RosieGood condition TP1442Blackdown
2017-11-24asbownMoved TP2595Croes Cadarn
2017-11-24DumfriesmikeGood condition TP11268St Georges Church Spire Whitley Bay
2017-11-24Nick&RosieGood condition TP3247Fourlaws Hill
2017-11-24asbownDestroyed TP5420Pen-Y-Lan
2017-11-24DumfriesmikeGood condition TP9849Tynemouth North Lighthouse
2017-11-24asbownGood condition TP2365Coltshay Hill
2017-11-24DumfriesmikeCouldn't find it TP10279Sir James Knott Flats
  Good condition TP11267Tynemouth Congregational Church Spire
2017-11-24asbownGood condition TP3285Gaer Hill

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