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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2017-07-25haighr01Slightly damaged TP1362Billinge
2017-07-20Border PeatGood condition TP1503Blorenge
2017-07-24coineaGood condition TP3340Gearr Chreag
  Good condition TP1216Beinn Nam Beathrach
2017-07-23coineaGood condition TP0846An Sleaghach
  Good condition TP0840An Dunan
2017-07-25SandgrownunGood condition TP2488Crag Hill
2017-06-18caroleengelGood condition TP2796Doddington
  Good condition TP5655Rhodes Hill
2017-07-18Border PeatGood condition TP6007Skirrid Fawr
2017-06-18caroleengelGood condition TP6920Whitton Hill
2017-07-18Border PeatGood condition TP6243Sugar Loaf
2017-07-25FremingtonNot Logged TP0688Rottington
2017-06-18caroleengelGood condition TP4900Monylaws
2017-07-17Border PeatGood condition TP2319Cockyard Tump
  Good condition TP1773Burghill
2017-07-16Border PeatSlightly damaged TP1893Campfield New
2017-06-18caroleengelGood condition TP1889Camp Hill
  Good condition TP4532Longknowe Hill
2017-07-16Border PeatGood condition TP3558Haffield Bank

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