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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2016-11-27HandsGood condition TP6688Vicars Allotment
2017-03-23HandsGood condition TP2060Cave Hill
  Damaged TP0702Little Whernside
2017-03-15RhianyddJenkinsGood condition TP4482Llantwit
2017-03-23simplysupGood condition TP5805Sandiacre
2017-03-23fergieSlightly damaged TP1542Bovay
2011-06-26Aye JimmySlightly damaged TP5916Sharpah
2017-03-21arrancGood condition TP7434St Bees
2017-03-23trigging on an islandGood condition TP6185Stiperstones
  Slightly damaged TP4524Long Mount
2017-03-23dave.johnsonGood condition TP6042Snowdon Hill
2017-02-16RichardMGood condition TP6169Staverton
  Good condition TP3082Everdon
2017-03-23TriggersDamaged TP5894Sgurr Dhomhnuill
2017-03-09RichardMGood condition TP4281Knockandy Hill
2008-08-23TonyhtGood condition TP2660Crugyn Ci
2017-03-23AlancacheGood condition TP18515Newhall Church Tower
2017-03-23jonglewDestroyed TP20836Horfield Officers Mess
  Inaccessible TP9584Horfield Church Tower Flagstaff
2017-03-23infinsonGood condition TP5088New Barns

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