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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2020-01-17TriggersGood condition TP13513Middleton Water Tower Centre
2020-01-17steverowlandNot Logged TP7064Woolley Edge
2019-12-29RichardMNot Logged TP2061Caw
  Good condition TP3469Great Stickle
2020-01-17TrigJSDestroyed TP23953Whitwell Hatch Hotel
2020-01-01RichardMGood condition TP1356Bigland Tarn
2020-01-17TrigJSInaccessible TP23952Sturt Farm
  Couldn't find it TP23955Marley Common
  Couldn't find it TP8684Fernden
  Good condition TP1443Blackdown
  Good condition TP23919Bexleyhill TV Mast
  Good condition TP6686Verdley
  Good condition TP7421Zeneca, Verdley House
  Good condition TP7061Woolbeding
2020-01-15trigging on an islandGood condition TP3427Gragareth Fell
2020-01-17TrigJSGood condition TP0319Milland
  Destroyed TP23905Milland Church Tower Flagstaff
  Good condition TP6781Weavers Down
  Couldn't find it TP23954Gillhams Farm
  Destroyed TP23956Liphook Water Tower

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