Garden trig pillars

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With increasing urbanisation, quite a number of trig pillars have found themselves in private gardens. Householders are often quite welcoming to trig-bagging visitors, although over the years a few have been relocated to a more accessible spot, or destroyed. Some examples follow (listed in flush bracket order)

S6285 Hungerford Waterworks, house near reservoir [1]

S3810 Ashley Hill, [2]

S4288 Kingskerswell Resr, bungalow on former reservoir [3]

S4358 High Wood, boarding kennels [4]

S2723 Chillworth [5]

S2662 Windmill Hill [6]

S3274 Wraxall [7]

S4509 Oxhey Wood Lodge [8]

S4021 Rainbow Wood [9]

S6305 The Ridgeway [10]

S7294 Hermon [11]

S7303 Pen y Graig [12]

S2087 Collyweston [13]

S7080 Troves [14]