Covered Bolts

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Covered bolt

A very small number of bolts have been found covered with a metal plate approx 12" square with the warning sign 'ORDNANCE / SURVEY / DO NOT / DISTURB' embossed on a raised circular disc at centre of the plate. To date (March 2022) all of these have been located within the southern portion of the Lake District National Park.

'Covered Bolt' is a trig baggers term. In T:UK and OSGB36 they are known as either Bolts or Buried Blocks.

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP17120 Gilpin Park 3 1950 SD47
TP8079 Lowick 2 1950 SD47
TP16492 Ponsonby Fell 2 1952 NY11
TP8081 Redscar 3 1950 SD47
TP13003 Top o' Selside 2 1950 SD47
TP7820 Wansfell Pike 2 1950 SD47