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Ordnance Survey homepage. The people who installed and used the trigpoints and makers of the best maps I've ever seen. An essential site to visit!

National GPS Network site provided by the Ordnance Survey. "This website is an essential resource for the precise Global Positioning System (GPS) user in Great Britain".

Bench Mark Database. A website dedicated to Ordnance Survey benchmarks (stations used for horizontal levelling), as opposed to trigpoints (stations used for horizontal positioning) listed on T:UK.

Fayers. A useful introduction to OS paraphernalia, and the source of some of the data used in this site.

Triangulation Pillar Waypoints. Downloadable files of trigpoints, and the source of much of the data used on this site.

Chris n Maria's Geocaching Homepage. Another site providing downloadable files of trigpoint locations. Allows logging of NGS benchmarks, as well as geocaches worldwide.

Trigonomy Yahoo group with a huge collection of information about trigpoints. They also maintain a very comprehensive database of trigpoint conditions and FB numbers, against which we validate entries in the T:UK database. Thanks guys!

TrigTools Site Statistics and collation of logs of TrigPoint data, by Barry Hunter.

OS Sketch Diagrams for locating blocks, bolts, rivets etc were created for all trigs at the time of their installation. If the trig is part of the passive network then the sketch is readily available on-line. For all others they can be found in the Office Files held at the National Archive at Kew. Some of the Office Files have been seen by trig hunters and the sketches are available from the link.