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There are a few Triangulation Stations located on or within Palmerston Forts. These are fortified sites constructed during the late 19th century when there was a perceived threat of invasion by France. The forts were generally sited at or near the coast to protect vital harbour installations. They are named after the then Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, and are sometimes known as Palmerston Follies due to the early forts constructed to protect Portsmouth having their guns facing inland to guard against a land attack; or due to the fact that the invasion never happened therefore the guns never fired in anger.

Bagging these trigs often involves a degree of difficulty due mainly to access issues, which adds to the fun of the sport. Ticking off all of them is a challenge:

  • Bembridge Fort (pillar [1] and surface block [2])
  • Crown Hill Fort (pillar [3])
  • Egg Buckland (pillar replaced by buried block [4])
  • Fort Borstal (pillar [5])
  • Fort Fareham (bolt [6])
  • Fort Gilkicker (pillar [7])
  • Fort Hubberston (surface block [8])
  • Fort Nelson (block [9])
  • Fort Purbrook (pillar [10] and block [11])
  • Fort Rowner (pillar [12])
  • Fort Scoveston (pillar [13])
  • Fort Southwick (pillar [14])
  • The Bastion (pillar [15])

Further information from wikipedia [16]

and the Palmerston Society [17]