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A 'Pole' is an uncommon type of triangulation mark, used in Intersected Stations.

20 instances are recorded in the OSGB36 list [1]. Mark descriptions include "Pole in cairn", "Aircraft beacon pole", "Anemometer pole" and "Admiralty Target".

16 of the marks are recorded as destroyed and the status of Meise Baine and National Westminster Twr is uncertain.

The two surviving examples of a 'Pole' are: Scotsburn Navigation Pole and Stanedge Pole.

Stanedge (aka Stanage) Pole in 2006

Stanedge Pole is approx 20 ft high and has a lightning conductor attached. The station was installed in 1953 and was replaced in 2016. It is also an example of a non-pillar marked with a trig symbol on a current OS map (Dark Peak OL1).


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