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Trigpoints were named by the individual surveyors who installed them.[Citation needed] In a number of cases, this has led to names which do not accurately reflect their location.

The trigpoint names used on TrigpointingUK are the ones originally allocated by the Ordnance Survey. Users who find incongruously named trigpoints are encouraged to flag them to the admins, or to directly update this wiki page. However, such notes are for information only - the record in the TrigpointingUK database will remain as the original name chosen by the surveyor.

Examples of controversially named trigpoints include :

Sca Fell TP5828 The "Sca Fell" trigpoint is actually located on Scafell Pike. The nearby hill, Sca Fell, has no trigpoint at its summit. A more appropriate name might have been "Scafell Pike".

Brassa TP1595 Brassa is a very poor rendition of the Islands name heard by someone who does not understand the Shetlanders Accent[1]. A more appropriate name might have been "Ward of Bressay".

Little Whernside TP0702 The hill commonly known as "Whernside" at SD738814 has a triangulation pillar to which the OS have assigned the name "Little Whernside" [2]. The hill commonly known as "Little Whernside" at SE028776 does not have a pillar but the OS records indicate a buried block trig station at SE028776 to which they have assigned the name "Lodge Pasture" TP17480. There is also a triangulation pillar at SE002739 which thankfully everyone agrees is on a hill known as "Great Whernside" TP0703.

Thornbank TP6446 This trigpoint is on the summit of Gallows Hill, or Fair Hill, as it is known now. Thornbank is the farm situated behind the pillar[3]. A more appropriate name might have been "Gallows Hill".

Newcoat Fields TP5108 The location is called "Newcote Fields" [4]. A more appropriate name might have been "Newcote Fields".

Long Mount TP4524 The trigpoint is located at SO415944, the highest point of the Long Mynd in Shropshire. The locality is otherwise known as Pole Bank. It is presumed that 'Mount' is a variation of 'Mynd'.

Shirlah Pike TP5954 The hill on which this trigpoint sits is actually spelt Shirlaw Pike. [5]

Powderhall School TP9097 The school is actually called "Broughton Primary School" and first-hand accounts confirm this was the case at the time of the retriangulation:

I note that you refer to this as "Powderhall School". My great-grandfather moved in to Broughton Point Dairy Farm in the 1880s; and the direct family line continued in the area until 1987, when my late mother died. So for about 85 to 90 years, my immediate DOW relatives attended Broughton Public School. I attended Broughton Primary School in the 1940s; and Broughton Higher Grade School immediately to the east until 1952. I have never heard the primary school being called "Powderhall"; and a quick check on Google Earth, shows "Broughton Primary School" very clearly carved in to the 1980s red sandstone. Similarly, "Broughton Higher Grade School" shows up just round the corner on to McDonald Road. [6]

Horwithy Road TP19405 The correct spelling of this road is Hoarwithy. [7]

Schichallion TP5842 The hill is spelt Schiehallion. [8]

Criffell TP689 The hill is spelt Criffel [9]

Pen Cerig Calch TP5351 It's Pen Cerrig-Calch according to OS maps & Wikipedia. [10]

Forges Cross TP21839 The name of this place is Forches Cross, not Forges Cross. [11]

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