TP7287 Newcastle Active Station

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As of June 2014, the logs for the OS Active Station at Newcastle University lack a convincing photo. Recent logs at TP7287 claim that a nearby dome on a mast with a somewhat similar appearance to an OS Leica is a relocated OS active station. But records on OS-related web sites do not show evidence of a move.

Reasoning as follows indicates that the station's position is unchanged.

Starting with the grid reference from of NZ2463965012 and feeding this into the OS coordinate transformation tool as (424639,565012,50) yields the position as Latitude/Longitude of 54.979116 N 1.616582 W (The height of 50 metres is guesswork but it doesn't affect the calculation).

Then feeding that position into google maps and zooming in gives the expected location on the roof of the Bedson Building. Moreover theres a circular white blob towards the NE edge of the roof which might well be the station.

The same location can be reached via the BIGF web site, selecting station NCAS This gives the station image and the data availability map shows that it is still operating as of mid-2014.

So there is evidence that the NCAS Active Station is still in its original location. Obtaining a suitable vantage point to see it could be tricky. Rooftop car parks sometimes work or maybe from higher ground at a distance.

[peregrinus]... spent a fair bit of time here in Spring 2014 with scanning the roof with decent binoculars but at night so no joy. Decent view can I think be obtained from far side of public car park.

Update: In May 2015 'ted' logged some good photographs of the Active Stn in it's expected location. Thus confirming that its location is unchanged.