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It is necessary to separately log into both the main website and the wiki

Although the login accounts are the same on both sides, a session established on one does not automatically log you in to the other. Also, please do not edit your details (email address etc) on the wiki, as this will not be reflected on the main site and will be subject to removal.

Problem with some account names

Account names with non-standard characters, for example ",() etc, have problems logging on to the wiki. Users with "interesting" characters in their usernames are encouraged to change them to something more boring!

No automatic syncing of user details

If you change your login name, email address or password on the T:UK website, this should be reflected in the wiki. However if you change your email address or password on the wiki, this will not be reflected on the main website. This may be fixed in time, but in the meantime, please make any such changes using your preferences page in TrigpointingUK, not in the wiki.