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Welcome to the T:UK wiki!

This wiki is designed to allow TrigpointingUK users to collaboratively maintain information about trigpoints in the UK. Any T:UK user is welcome to add new pages, or edit existing ones. You will need to login with your TrigpointingUK username and password in order to edit the wiki. Please be bold when adding new material, as a full version history is always available. That said, if you are adding information which you believe might be usefully linked to from the main T:UK website, then please contact me, so that we can agree on the page naming etc.

This wiki is still in the testing phase. Please report any issues you come across... or just use the wiki's discussion page!

Information about Trigpoints

What are trig points?

What different types are there?

Information about the TrigpointingUK site

TrigTools Lots of interesting facts and figures mined from the T:UK database by Barry Hunter.

A list of users registered with TrigpointingUK.

A photo album of all uploaded photos. (Albums for particular searches are available from the trigpoint list page).

Basic statistics about TrigpointingUK.

User generated maps compiled using data from TrigpointingUK.

The terms and conditions for using this site.

Links to other sites related to trigpoints.