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TrigpointingUK - Trigpoint Logging System

Welcome! This site is designed for those people who are unable to walk past a trigpoint without bagging it! On these pages, you will find information about trigpointing, and be able to log your finds. We have a database containing the locations of most of the trigpoints in Great Britain, but if you find one that we don't know about, please add it to our database.

We hope you find TrigpointingUK both useful and fun. If you have any bugs to report / features to request, please contact us.

A list of recent logs

2022-06-25Phillip HardingGood condition TP2950Eaker Hill
2022-06-25Levad82Good condition TP2736Darwen Moor
  Good condition TP2736Darwen Moor
2022-06-25Mark-UKUSGood condition TP2759Delph Farm
  Good condition TP6688Vicars Allotment
2022-06-25ReynardGood condition TP4792Mickley
2022-06-25Jason StarkGood condition TP2523Craiglich
2022-06-25ValerieInaccessible TP14421Ashreigney Church Tower
2022-06-25x333xxxGood condition TP6291Swyre Head
2022-06-25Martin MGood condition TP4440Little Easthall Farm
2022-06-25WuzzerLGood condition TP2044Cat And Fiddle
2022-06-25Tomaszewski Good condition TP6912Whites Wood
2022-06-25Earby RamblerGood condition TP2872Duckworth Hill
  Good condition TP8414Whetstone Edge
2022-06-25CJOGood condition TP14159Bredon Hill Tower Centre
  Inaccessible TP14161Fladbury Church Tower
  Good condition TP5939Sheriffs Lench Farm
  Inaccessible TP14160Chaffeys Tower
  Slightly damaged TP6451Thornhill
2022-06-25MickandkimGood condition TP2660Crugyn Ci

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