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The Office File for every OSGB36 trig station included a sketch which showed the position of each mark in relation to nearby reference points. The sketches were particularly important for relocating Buried blocks. Unlike Passive stations, the OSGB36 sketches were not published online by the OS, and in 2012 the paper copies were transferred to The National Archives at Kew.

This page forms a repository where individuals can contribute sketches.

Any errors, or if assistance required in adding sketches, please email jon @ jonglew . co . uk

Ordnance Survey Trig Station Sketch Diagrams

TP UK id Sketch Type National Archives id
TP22548 Beds, Eastfield Hedge Buried Block OS69/20383
TP22551 Beds, Riseley Block OS69/20387
TP21388 Berks, Bulls Lock Crossing Block OS69/18162
TP21521 Berks, Cabbage Hill Buried Block OS69/18294
TP21533 Berks, Castle SE Turret and further info Bolt OS69/18307
TP21526 Berks, Dorothy Perkins Rivet OS69/18298
TP21390 Berks, East Lodge Buried Block OS69/18164
TP21391 Berks, Enborne Gate Farm Buried Block OS69/18165
TP21392 Berks, Henwick Block OS69/18166
TP21530 Berks, Hill Farm Block OS69/18303
TP21490 Berks, Loddon Primary School and further info Rivet OS69/18263
TP21522 Berks, Newbold College and further info Rivet OS69/18295
TP21393 Berks, New Retort House Bolt OS69/18167
TP21529 Berks, Park House School Rivet OS69/18302
TP21394 Berks, Pyle Hill Buried Block OS69/18168
TP21531 Berks, Sandleford Priory Bolt OS69/18304
TP21398 Berks, Speen Court Bolt OS69/18172
TP21399 Berks, Thatcham Church Tower and further info Bolt OS69/18173
TP21604 Berks, Theale Church Tower and further info Bolt OS69/18149
TP21555 Berks, The Falcon Bolt OS69/18332
TP21605 Berks, The Hut Buried Block OS69/18151
TP8680 Berks, Tile Barn Surface Block OS69/18306
TP21534 Berks, Tower Works Rivet OS69/18308
TP12664 Berks, Swinley Park Block Surface Block OS69/18301
TP8344 Borders Region, Altrieve Surface Block OS69/3646
TP8364 Borders Region, Burnmouth Surface Block OS69/4238
TP8342 Borders Region, Cademuir Hill Surface Block OS69/3640
TP8349 Borders Region, Cairn Hill Surface Block OS69/3642
TP8341 Borders Region, Canada Hill Surface Block OS69/3649
TP8343 Borders Region, Cardon Law Surface Block OS69/3636
TP8351 Borders Region, Dalks Law Surface Block OS69/4293
TP8339 Borders Region, Earlyburn Surface Block OS69/4044
TP16409 Borders Region, Harlaw Muir Surface Block OS69/4033
TP8017 Borders Region, Hog Hill Surface Block OS69/3637
TP8350 Borders Region, Middlebar Knowe Surface Block OS69/3644
TP8209 Borders Region, Mountbenger Law Surface Block OS69/3645
TP8347 Borders Region, Rough Knowe Surface Block OS69/3648
TP8346 Borders Region, School Field Surface Block OS69/3647
TP8345 Borders Region, Wallaces Hill Surface Block OS69/3641
TP8348 Borders Region, West Bold Surface Block OS69/3643
TP11329 Cambs, Longthorpe Tower Surface Block OS69/20372
TP11355 Cambs, Phorpres Social Club and further info Surface Block OS69/20375
TP16498 Cumbria, Aikbank and further info Buried Block OS69/4612
TP10517 Cumbria, Barrow Town Hall Tower Bolt OS69/7131
TP7573 Cumbria, Bell Crags Bolt OS69/4548
TP8050 Cumbria, Bessyboot Bolt OS69/4549
TP16495 Cumbria, Blake Fell Buried Block OS69/4550
TP8361 Cumbria, Blake Rigg Surface Block OS69/4551
TP7512 Cumbria, Boot Bolt OS69/4552
TP7815 Cumbria, Brant Fell and further info Bolt OS69/7023
TP7478 Cumbria, Bridgend Bolt OS69/4553
TP1711 Cumbria, Brownelson Bolt OS69/4739
TP16527 Cumbria, Carrock Fell Buried Block OS69/4743
TP16484 Cumbria, Clints and further info Buried Block OS69/4555
TP16500 Cumbria, Croftmorris Buried Block OS69/4614
TP12736 Cumbria, Dalton Church Tower Bolt OS69/7030
TP7900 Cumbria, Fairfield Surface Block OS69/4563
TP11538 Cumbria, Great Mell Fell Buried Block OS69/4752
TP7505 Cumbria, Great How and further info 1 and 2 Bolt OS69/4566
TP7480 Cumbria, Grey Knotts Bolt OS69/4568
TP7422 Cumbria, Grisedale Pike Bolt OS69/4569
TP16501 Cumbria, Harras Park Buried Block OS69/4615
TP16529 Cumbria, High Banks and further info 1 and further info 2 Buried Block OS69/4755
TP7456 Cumbria, Illgill Head and further info Bolt OS69/4571
TP8048 Cumbria, Iron Crag Bolt OS69/4572
TP16530 Cumbria, Kirkbride Aero Water Tower and further info Rivet OS69/4765
TP11098 Cumbria, Kirklinton Church Tower Bolt OS69/4766
TP7821 Cumbria, Kirkstonefoot and further info Bolt OS69/4574
TP16488 Cumbria, Latrigg Buried Block OS69/4575
TP12823 Cumbria, Long Barrow Buried Block OS69/4576
TP16489 Cumbria, Lords Seat Buried Block OS69/4577
TP16490 Cumbria, Lorton Buried Block OS69/4578
TP8360 Cumbria, Maiden Moor Surface Block OS69/4579
TP12818 Cumbria, Mellbreak Buried Block OS69/4580
TP16545 Cumbria, Millstone Rigg Concrete Ring OS69/4873
TP16502 Cumbria, Monkwray Brow and further info Buried Block OS69/4616
TP12819 Cumbria, Moresby Bolt OS69/4582
TP11097 Cumbria, Mossedge Reservoir Surface Block OS69/4777
TP11106 Cumbria, Number 14 MU RAF Water Tower and further info Bolt OS69/4778
TP16492 Cumbria, Ponsonby Fell and further info Buried Block OS69/4586
TP7477 Cumbria, Red How Bolt OS69/4588
TP16504 Cumbria, Redness and further info Buried Block OS69/4618
TP7457 Cumbria, Robinson Surface Block OS69/4591
TP8049 Cumbria, Rough Crag Bolt OS69/4592
TP12735 Cumbria, Sandscale Pillbox Bolt OS69/7127
TP7523 Cumbria, Saskills Rivet OS69/7060
TP16474 Cumbria, Solway Mills Bolt OS69/4542
TP12730 Cumbria, St Aloysius School and further info Rivet OS69/7126
TP8068 Cumbria, Stainton Bolt OS69/4598
TP8069 Cumbria, Stoneside Hill Bolt OS69/4601
TP8055 Cumbria, Stybarrow Dod Bolt OS69/4602
TP16496 Cumbria, Swinside Buried Block OS69/4605
TP7474 Cumbria, The Helm and further info Bolt OS69/4606
TP7820 Cumbria, Wansfell Pike Buried Block OS69/7069
TP16497 Cumbria, Watch Hill and further info Buried Block OS69/4608
TP8054 Cumbria, Wetherlam Bolt OS69/7070
TP10770 Cumbria, Whitehaven St James Church Tower Bolt OS69/4619
TP8052 Cumbria, Yewbarrow Bolt OS69/4611
TP18874 Derbys, Carterhall Farm Bolt OS69/11844
TP8053 Dumfries & Galloway, Burnswark Castle and further info Bolt OS69/4660
TP8356 Dumfries & Galloway, Broadgate Surface Block OS69/4680
TP8355 Dumfries & Galloway, Castle Mains Surface Block OS69/4675
TP8016 Dumfries & Galloway, Craig Fell Surface Block OS69/4491
TP8210 Dumfries & Galloway, Duncow Surface Block OS69/4470
TP8357 Dumfries & Galloway, Greenfield Surface Block OS69/4681
TP11912 Dumfries & Galloway, Jockstown Reservoir Surface Block OS69/4763
TP8352 Dumfries & Galloway, Mull of Galloway Block OS69/4431
TP16467 Dumfries & Galloway, P B No 6 West Freugh Aero and further info Bolt OS69/4422
TP16471 Dumfries & Galloway, The Barony Buried Block OS69/4492
TP8358 Dumfries & Galloway, Winterseugh Surface Block OS69/4682
TP17351 Greater Manchester, Denehurst Farm and further info Concrete Ring OS69/8100
TP13502 Greater Manchester, Halebarns Buried Block OS69/7563
TP8509 Humberside, Coleby and Sketch 2 Surface Block OS69/9172
TP17654 Humberside, Greenhills Farm Buried Block OS69/9174
TP12222 Isle of Man, Ardonan Buried Block OS69/6260
TP8379 Isle of Man, Ballacross Surface Block OS69/6251
TP12223 Isle of Man, Balladoole Buried Block OS69/6261
TP12218 Isle of Man, Ballagyr Buried Block OS69/6257
TP12203 Isle of Man, Ballakilpheric Buried Block OS69/6265
TP8067 Isle of Man, Ballamoar Bolt OS69/6243
TP12208 Isle of Man, BBC Transmitting Station Rivet OS69/6233
TP8388 Isle of Man, Bibaloe Surface Block OS69/6272
TP8377 Isle of Man, Black Rocks Surface Block OS69/6266
TP8065 Isle of Man, Bradda Hill Bolt OS69/6264
TP8206 Isle of Man, Close ny Chollagh Point Blockhouse and further info Rivet OS69/6255
TP12202 Isle of Man, Creggans Hill Buried Block OS69/6253
TP8381 Isle of Man, Cronk Lheannag Surface Block OS69/6259
TP12215 Isle of Man, Cronk-ny-Mona Reservoir and further info Rivet OS69/6244
TP8383 Isle of Man, Derbyhaven Surface Block OS69/6270
TP12216 Isle of Man, Douglas Bay Hotel and further info Bolt OS69/6273
TP12214 Isle of Man, Falcon Tower and further info Bolt OS69/6255
TP8387 Isle of Man, Gob y Volley Surface Block OS69/6247
TP8376 Isle of Man, Kallow Point Surface Block OS69/6269
TP8378 Isle of Man, Knockaloe Plantation Surface Block OS69/6258
TP8389 Isle of Man, Lezayre Surface Block OS69/6248
TP12220 Isle of Man, Lhergydhoo Buried Block OS69/6249
TP7585 Isle of Man, Maughold Head Bolt OS69/6238
TP12205 Isle of Man, Mount Rule Buried Block OS69/6271
TP8064 Isle of Man, Mull Hill Pillbox Bolt OS69/6254
TP8385 Isle of Man, Orrisdale Surface Block OS69/6252
TP7584 Isle of Man, Peel Inner Lighthouse Jetty Bolt OS69/6256
TP8382 Isle of Man, Ronaldsway Surface Block OS69/6268
TP8380 Isle of Man, Round House Lane Surface Block OS69/6267
TP12221 Isle of Man, Sky Hill Farm Buried Block OS69/6262
TP8390 Isle of Man, Slieau Lewaigue Surface Block OS69/6263
TP8066 Isle of Man, Slieau Whallian Bolt OS69/6250
TP12213 Isle of Man, St Ninians Church Tower Rivet OS69/6245
TP8428 Lancs, Ambwell Surface Block OS69/7922
TP14075 Lancs, Poulton Church Tower Bolt OS69/7053
TP13264 Merseyside, Holy Family Ch Twr Southport Bolt OS69/6865
TP17682 North Yorks, East Moor Surface Block OS69/9361
TP17478 North Yorks, Ivy Scar Concrete Ring OS69/8637
TP17481 North Yorks, Long Hill Buried Block OS69/8644
TP17488 North Yorks, Snilesworth Moor, further info 1 and 2 Concrete Ring OS69/8669
TP11012 North Yorks, Warren Top and further info Rivet OS69/8681
TP17701 North Yorks, Yearsley Resr Rivet OS69/9399
TP18818 Notts, Birkland Forestry Tower and further Info Surface Block OS69/11702
TP18663 South Yorks, Linthwaite, sketch 2 and further info Concrete Ring OS69/11337
TP13014 South Yorks, Ravenfield Park Bolt OS69/11420
TP17626 South Yorks, South Woodfield Farm Cut OS69/9104
TP8549 South Yorks, Walkley Bank Surface Block OS69/11427
TP7806 Staffs, Black Cob Surface Block OS69/10508
TP4115 Staffs, Ipstones Pillar OS69/10593
TP8493 West Yorks, Allerton and further info Surface Block OS69/8848
TP14389 West Yorks, Ashbrow Road Cut OS69/8525
TP8483 West Yorks, Birkwood (1988) Surface Block OS69/8973
TP13524 West Yorks, Black Hey Surface Block OS69/8892
TP8485 West Yorks, Bramley Grange Surface Block OS69/8979
TP11159 West Yorks, Church Lane and Air point Surface Block OS69/8894
TP17513 West Yorks, Crag Hill Buried Block OS69/8896
TP8475 West Yorks, Easterly Road Surface Block OS69/8976
TP17329 West Yorks, Heights Farm and sketch 2 Surface Block OS69/8135
TP17331 West Yorks, Hill Top Surface Block OS69/8137
TP11161 West Yorks, Lawnswood Gardens Rivet OS69/8988
TP17520 West Yorks, Lee Lane and further info Buried Block OS69/8904
TP17578 West Yorks, Queens Park Buried Block OS69/8867
TP13680 West Yorks, Rishworth Rivet OS69/8513
TP17555 West Yorks, Warmfield Rivet OS69/8968
TP8491 West Yorks, Willow Lane Surface Block OS69/8969
Any errors or if assistance required in adding sketches, please email jon @ jonglew . co . uk